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Cale Tharp


Believe it or not I did not listen to the radio as a youngster. I could have cared less. I wanted to be a farmer just like my dad. That is until 1983 when at the ripe old age of 12, I went with my dad to deliver a cornbread cake to morning disc jockey Ed Cundiff on WLCB-AM in Hodgenville , Kentucky . (Ed was always playing tricks on my mother so she decided to play one on him on his birthday) Anyway after looking at the studio I realized what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to make a career out of radio. So I started hanging around the station and eventually they let me go on the air for an hour or so at a time. But my career came to a sudden stop in October of 1983 when the station was sold and my hero Ed along with all the other staff I had worked with were gone. I found this out the hard way when I stopped in to visit with the new General Manager and I said "I'm ready to go on the air now." Well, after laughing for 10 minutes he kindly showed me the door. That's when I realized I had to take matters into my own hands. So with the help of my yard-mowing money, I built my own studio in my room to continue doing what I loved. I woke up every morning at 3:30 just to get a few hours of radio time in before going to school. This continued until January of 1985 when I finally convinced the Management of WLCB that I needed to be on the air. I worked there until April of 1986 when I made the move to Elizabethtown , Kentucky . From there it was off to Louisville and Greensburg , Kentucky , on to Meridian , Mississippi and eventually back to Elizabethtown in January of 1994 where I'm still at today on the best country station in the world, Big Cat 105-5 WLVK!  So that's my radio history.


As for my personal life, I'm now married to Tracy, and together we have seven children (Allie-19, Aletha-18, Doc-17, Chase-12, Calea-11,Brooke-10 and Ethan-7. I still live in the town where it all started in 1983, Hodgenville and am enjoying the challenge of full time parenting! I am still up at 4:00am to do the Breakfast Club on Big Cat 105-5...doing what I fell in love with over 27 years ago, radio. 

By the way...thanks for listening! Cale


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Leesa Mitchel

Howdy! My name is Leesa Mitchell and I am most pleased to be part of the Big Cat Country Breakfast Club with Cale. My first place of residence was in a little town outside of Peoria IL called Farmington where de-tassling corn was a favorite summer job for us local kids. My dad worked for Peabody Coal Company and was transferred to Muhlenberg County, KY (yes, just like the John Prine song) before the family finally landed in Louisville.

I guess you can say I’m a city/country gal. Most people begin their radio careers as babies, but not me. Radio didn’t become part of my life until the ripe old age of 25 when I worked at various stations in Louisville including co-host of two top rated morning shows. I am a proud step mom to Tori & Ali and six grand kids, mom to Zena the Dixie dingo, Gabby the Tabby and married to my high school sweetheart (15 years after the fact!) Darrell. 

I make the early morning drive to E-town from my home in the eclectic Original Highlands area of Louisville where I spend my time enjoying good music, good friends and good food. It is my belief that we were put here to help each other and I try to make a difference in the world by helping raise awareness for Shelter Animal adoption and the local human trafficking taskforce Rescue & Restore. Did I also mention that

I am a special event DJ and Emcee? Phew!  

Cat Michaels

I got my start behind the microphone at the ripe, young age of 8, when I was the scorekeeper/announcer for Little League in my hometown of Gallup, New Mexico.  I'd always been better talking about the game, rather than playing in it.  Five seasons later, I found myself behind the mic at my first radio station.  I did the weather once an hour during my shift running the boards for some shows like American Top 40 and Supergold. That led to an hour live each weekend, and then finally to my own weekly show. 

Now, I've made my way to Big Cat 105.5 WLVK and I couldn't be happier!  Join me every weekday for the Big Cat BBQ at lunchtime and for the Stampede on the ride home.

Personal Stuff:  I'm a single dad of an incredible little boy.  I have a cat.  I love cheese.  I work out as often as I can (which is hardly ever).  I used to row in college. My car is a mess. 

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Cat Michaels

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Sunny Stephens

With over 23 years of on air experience at various stations in the region, I was ready for a new and different challenge.  Hired as a sales executive initially in February 2002, it didn't take long to worm my way back into the studio, doing sales during the day and a disc jockey shift at night.  I love being able to help clients make advertising decisions AND do my shift as a BIG CAT jock!  Give me a listen 7pm - midnight!

With 2 teenage sons, Garrett & Dylan and a GREAT MANY (mostly rescued) dogs, cats and a RAT...I stay pretty busy outside work.

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Naki Frierson


I am a native of Hagerstown, Maryland. It's a small city in the western part of the state. I've always had a passion for speaking and writing so I guess you could say that news has always been in my blood.

After highschool I went on to pursue a degree in Liberal Arts/ Mass Media from Hampton University in Hampton Virginia...Go Pirates! I married the love of my life Eric in August 2002 and we have a beautiful son Eric Jr. aka EJ and he's a true toddler....into everything!! I am blessed to have added "Morgan Noelle Frierson" to our family on November 3rd of 2009!     

So happy to be apart of the Big Cat family!! Nothing makes me happier than keeping listeners informed on what's happening in Big Cat Country.

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Kelly Decker
Sales Executive with the Big Cat 105.5 as well as an on air Big Cat personality!  Catch her for Boot Scoot'n Saturday nights on Big Cat 105.5 WLVK!
Michael Marvin

I was born May 31, 1953 in Pittsburg, California. My father was in the army and we traveled half the world before moving to Kentucky in 1966.  I started in radio in 1974 at the University of Louisville radio station and I have been with W & B Broadcasting since September 1989. My hobbies are collecting oldies on CD, as well as reading material pertaining to oldies. I am also the author of Mr. Oldie Knows off of the page.  This page is dedicated to the artists that made the music we love what it is today!  While you are at my page, submit your question or info and I'll get right back to you!! Thanks for listening to the Big Cat too I appreciate letting me share your world!  Mike M.  



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