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40,000 Pounds of Food!

Gloryland Harvest Church fed roughly 700+ folks during their community Food Drive! The weather cooperated and thanks to all the volunteers, 75 souls were saved and many tummies satisfied!


Dry goods, side items,

& freezer products...all FREE!


40,000 lbs of


Because They

Love YOU!


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Now open for the 2009/2010 School year on the campus of Gloryland Harvest Church in Radcliff!  Registration is currently for the current year and pre-registration

around March.  All tuition paid in advance will

enjoy deep discounts!

Call Harvest Prep today to enroll your student K - 5...

at 270-352-5483

or 1-877-352-5491. 


From the Desk of Director Mandy Riggs:


Hello!  My name is Mandy Riggs.  I am the Principal of Instruction and Administration for Harvest Prep, located on the campus of Gloryland Harvest Church in Radcliff.  I have been attending Gloryland for 6 years.  I received my Masters of Arts in Special Education from Campbellsville University.  I was employed by Hardin County Schools for total of 7 years.  I am very excited about the opening of Harvest Prep and look forward teaching your children.

Register your child today and allow them to take part in the A-Beka Curriculum in a faith based environment that practices and enforces moral and ethical behavior. Harvest Prep is the best private school in the area with unbeatable prices!  Harvest Prep opens in August so call and register and pay your tuition today!

First Impressions Day Care, a ministry of

Gloryland Harvest Church, is OPEN & has room for your child! Apply for enrollment now...

Monday-Friday 5:30 am-6:00 pm

Tuition & Rates(up to 50 hours a week)

Infants, 6 wks-1 Year....$105.00 per week

Toddlers, 1 yr-2 yr....$100.00 per week

School age, 6-12 yr....$85.00 per week

Part Time (up to 25 hours a week)

2-5 yr....$80.00 per week

6-12 yr....$75.00 per week

After School (2:30-5:30 PM, 15 hours per


5-12 yr....$50.00 per week

Large Play Area on Campus

Adult to Children Ratio

First Impressions will always ensure your child receives plenty of attention and supervision. The youngest child in the group determines the ratios of adult to children. The ratios are as follows:

Birth-12 months 1:5

1 yr old-1:6

2 yrs old 1:10

3 yrs old 1:12

4 yrs old-1:14

5-12 yrs old 1:15

Closed Circuit Cameras

All parents wish that they can have an eye on their child at all times. Here at Gloryland Harvest Daycare, every classroom is monitored and recorded 24 hours a day by our closed circuit camera system. So you can relax and know we always have an eye on your child!

Closed Holidays

New Year's Day

Independence Day

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Friday

Christmas Day

Memorial Day

Labor Day

Gloryland Harvest Day Care is Open!

Contact Tiffany Ramirez for

more information at

270-352-5483 Ext. 113


There's something for every age group at Gloryland Harvest Church!

GHC offers a worship style of ministry for your kids!


"Bugs" is a fun and interactive pursuit of worship for our youngsters! 

This Eight week curriculum series for elementary children uses small insects to teach BIG biblical lessons. PowerPoint games, puppet skits, and PowerPoint slides are used for Power Verse, the Big Idea, and illustrated messages.

PLUS, weekly student devotionals for children to take home.

Music CD - contains weekly sound effects, "Offering Time" song, instrumental songs for game time, and a bonus song by SKITTLES.

Lessons Include:

* The Praying Mantis - The Importance Of Prayer In Our Lives

* Don't Be A Stinkbug - Have A Godly Attitude

* From Caterpillar to Butterfly - The Transforming Power of God

* Ants - Working Together in Unity

* Are You A Moth Or A Cockroach? - Being Drawn Toward "The Light"

* Spider - Avoiding The Web Of Temptation

* Busy as a Bee - We Should "Bee" About Our Father's Bzzzziness

* Lightning Bug - Shine Your Light In a Dark World

"Alien Kids" is a fun and interactive pursuit of worship for our youngsters! 


There's a nursery too which means GHC meets the needs of children ages infant through 12 years old! After that, the children head on to Youth! Contact GHC for details. Also part of the Children's Ministry are the Royal Rangers and the Missionettes!



Redefyned your life, Redefyned your culture, Redefyne your world.

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new." -2 Corinthians 5:17

Our Mission Statement:

To redefine this generation one life at a time, by investing the truths of the Kingdom into young people's lives, to affect lasting change in their lives and culture. "You are the generation destined for a manifestation of God's presence in your life!  Come be a part of Redefyned Youth Church, where you'll have a blast, hang out with on-fire Christians your age, and be equipped to live a truly Redefyned life."


Aaron Hughes, Youth Minister

We meet every Thursday night at 6:30pm; the Cafe' opens at 6:00pm ! For questions or information,

please call 270-352-5483."

Visit on us Myspace!

Commanders are needed in this thriving ministry!  We want to continue raising responsible young men for Christ! Help us accomplish our mission today by becoming a Commander!


Fueled and supported by the passion of Pastor Jacob Pearman, the Royal Rangers meet every Thursday night at 7pm, host frequent weekend events the yearly POW WOW meet and more! Commitment is critical!  Search your heart, seek God's face then call the church if you think you are ready to serve call 270-572-3744 or the church office

at 877-352-5491 today and impact a young man's life forever!

The weekly planning guides encourage the boys to learn and stay on course for the Gold Medal of Achievement—the highest award a boy can earn, which is the equivalent of the Boy Scouts Eagle Scout Award


Sign Your Young Man Up Today!
Royal Rangers is always recruiting at

877-352-5491 or 352-5483!


Led by Terri Ewen

Join the Missionettes!  This is for Young Ladies and is structured very similar to the Brownie/Girl Scouting organization!  Based on the principals of Faith in Jesus Christ, the Missionettes like the Royal Rangers enjoy biblical teaching, fund raising events, and field trips! Hey...who says GIRLS can't have fun too?

Call Terri today for more at 877-352-5491 or locally at 352-5483 or Terri's email addy at!


Join us for a time of worshipping the King of Kings

with our Worship Leaders J.D. & Nichole Stewart! J.D. & Nichole come from West Virginia and bring into our midst an intense worship style that definitely brings us into a new realm of Praise!  J.D. & Nichole are graduates of World Harvest Bible College! 




Join Us For Sunday Morning Service at 10:30! Services are also held at 6:30pm every Thursday evening for Adults, ReDefyned Youth Church, Royal Ranger

& Missionettes!!

  • Church of 1,000 (5000 taking the limits off)
  • Church where souls are being saved every service
  • Church where people are being filled with the Holy Ghost every service
  • Church where signs and wonders follow
  • Church where people of all races are welcome
  • Church that gives to missions
  • Church where the budget is met every week

1.  We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible authoritative Word of God.

2.  We believe that there is one God, eternally coexistent in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

3.  We believe in the deity of Jesus, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father, and in His personal return in power and glory.

4.  We believe that for the salvation of the lost and sinful man, regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential.

5.  We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit, by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a godly life.

6. We believe in the resurrection to eternal life in Heaven for believers and the resurrection to damnation for unbelievers.

7.  We believe in the spiritual unity of believers.

8.  We believe in the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.

9.  We believe in healing as God's will for mankind.

10.  We believe in corporate worship of believers in a local church.

11.  We believe in witnessing to our faith.

12.  We believe in stewardship of all assets evidenced in tithing, offering, etc.

13.  We believe in the second coming of Jesus.

Pastor Jacob L. Pearman was born and raised in Central Kentucky. He helped with the family farm, lumber and hardware store, and worked as a carpenter in the family-owned construction business.

He owned and operated a Christian bookstore and was a partner, in a real estate/auction company. He also served in public office for eleven years as a councilman on the Radcliff City Council, in Radcliff, KY.  In 1992 he was appointed assistant pastor of a large AG church.

In 1995, Pastor Pearman received his ordination from Lester Sumrall under the LeSEA Ministerial Association.  In 1996 he founded Gloryland Harvest Church, and in 1997 was ordained and licensed by the World Harvest Church Ministerial Fellowship (WHCMF), under Pastor Rod Parsley.

Pastor Pearman currently serves as a Regional Director in the World Harvest Ministerial Fellowship, under the direction of Pastor Rod Parsley.  He serves WHMF pastors in Western Kentucky and Illinois.  Pastor Pearman and his wife Pat, have two married children and two grandchildren.


Altar Ministry (George Carthen) -

Ushe r& Greeter (Larry Brewer) -

Nursing Home - (Homer Langston) -

New Beginnings - (Pat Pearman) -

Family Life (Nathaniel & Stephanie Pearman) -

Worship - JD & Nicole Stewart -

Ladies - Denise Ray

Men's Ministries - Johnny Baker

Evangelism - Keith Smith

Administration - (Pat Pearman) -

Voice Triumphant - TV, Radio, Print Media Ministry - (Nathaniel Pearman) -

The Voice Triumphant Media Department has

three main objectives:

1)To present the Gospel to a lost and dying world with a clear message

2)To invite the sinner and/or un-churched to Gloryland Harvest Church

3)To present an atmosphere that is conducive to the moving of the Holy Spirit (i.e. in a person’s living room, bed room or where ever they watch our broadcast or DVD message, and/or by video presentation and creative presentations  in regular church services)


Gloryland Harvest

Church in Radcliff!

With Pastor

Jacob Pearman


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